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SUNA VALO – the new game from ode. | The Game Builders


Suna Valo Boxshot, erscheint auf der Spiel ’24 in Essen

What is the game SUNA VALO about?

In SUNA VALO, exactly two people take on the task of building their own farm in the solarpunk world of Overgrown, which is also home to Planta Nubo. In Suna Valo, the “sunny valley”, crossed by a wide river, the picturesque village of Foriro was built at the foot of a mountain – let’s go! The farms supply this village with valuable goods using their transport drones and riverboats.

You can build up your farms using farm cards in different categories. Plant wide fields of grain and harvest the beautiful water lilies or blue flowers. Bring the wool from your sheep to the village for clothing production or collect the eggs from your free-range chickens. But don’t forget to strengthen your transport drone fleet on your explorations of the surrounding area!

Every time you bring a new card to your farm, you activate a whole column of cards and make your farm flourish. But you also have to earn the costs for the cards. Because SUNA VALO has a unique purchasing mechanism. Secure the matching cards from the other court, snatch the more valuable cards from the competition and organize the most prestigious events!

The player with the most victory points at the end of three rounds wins this peaceful competition and has contributed the most to the development of Foriro!

Suna Valo

Author: ode.
Illustrator: Lukas Siegmon
Number of players: 2 persons
Playing time: Approx. 75 minutes
Publication date: International Games Days “SPIEL Essen” 2024

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