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About us – Calderan

Calderan is a publishing imprint for fantasy books and board games from the publishing house Kraterleuchten in the heart of the Vulkaneifel.

We are a young publishing house, founded in 2021, focusing on the publication of fantasy and science fiction literature as well as the distribution and design of board games.

Our main focus is German publications, but since we work with “The Game Builders”, international board game enthusiasts visit our page as well. The english translation is for you!

We publish books for all ages. The spectrum ranges from urban fantasy to dystopian or even utopian science fiction stories. We feel very comfortable with the solarpunk theme. Each manuscript is, of course, carefully selected and proofread before it is published as a book.

Games are developed with just as much care. We have an interesting variety in our program, from beautifully illustrated family games, simple and fast travel games, to complex strategy games for experts.

Our board games are mostly developed by ode. and Thorsten Hanson, aka “The Game Builders”. It is a great pleasure for us to distribute their innovative ideas in our assortment and to work together on strategies.

Who is Calderan?

The publisher at Calderan is graduate designer Sven Nieder. He makes sure that our products meet the highest quality standards and takes care of the authors. The design of our books and games is the responsibility of the freelance designer Björn Pollmeyer (coscreen graphics design). His creative ideas can be found in every Calderan corner.
The two have been designing and publishing books together for decades, quite a few of which have won international awards.

In the back office, Evelyne Dubosson-Wilneder and Laali Lyberth help with good spirit as a team. They make sure that the solarpunk machine runs smoothly.

It is significant to us that our readers and players are satisfied. Therefore, we do everything to offer you an unforgettable reading or playing experience.
We are constantly expanding our range and developing new ideas. We believe that fantasy books and board games play an important role in our society and we want to do our part to promote these fascinating art forms.

The publishing house Kraterleuchten GmbH is home to 4 more imprints with German books: Eifelbildverlag, legenda Q, Regionalia Verlag and Edition Bildperlen. This may sound big at first, but we are actually a small and fine publishing house with a dedicated team and diverse interests around the art of printed paper and refined cardboard.