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Tinderblox German – Skill and fun in a stylish (travel) box


At Calderan and The Game Builders, we are delighted to have the German edition of the UK bestseller Tinderblox exclusively in our range. We ourselves are enthusiastic players of this quick-to-learn game of skill and are happy to now be able to offer the German-speaking gaming community a “Tinderblox German”.

A game that challenges everyone and yet is quickly learned

Tinderblox is a game that requires skill, patience and strategic thinking. All players take turns building the campfire together. The aim is to build the biggest and most impressive fire and to keep putting embers or a log on the fire. But caution is advised! One wrong move and the campfire could get out of control.

Tiderblox German - the individual components

The campfire adventure for at home and when traveling

This entertaining game, which comes in a practical and travel-compatible mint tin, is perfect for families and groups of friends of all ages. In each round, you draw a card that determines how logs and fire blocks should be arranged on the campfire. Equipped with tweezers, handling the small blocks becomes an exciting challenge.

Who builds the most beautiful and tallest campfire?

It’s not just about increasing the fire, but also about how skillfully you handle the elements. Whoever has built the most stable and largest campfire at the end without it collapsing wins the game. You are welcome to add one or two difficulties for each other.

Tinderblox German – now available in every well-stocked game or book shop

Developed by Rob Sparks, artistically designed by Rory Muldoon and published in England by Alley Cat Games , “Tinderblox deutsch” comes from The Game Builders and Calderan and is available in any well-stocked book or game shop as “Tinderblox – am Lagerfeuer”.

Have fun building the fire!

Order Tinderblox directly.

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