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Our books can be purchased at bookstore conditions. If you already have a customer account with the Kraterleuchten publishers Regionalia Verlag, Eifelbildverlag or legenda Q, the agreed conditions apply to books.

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Non-Books and Games

For non-books and games (especially for board games of the game publisher »The Game Builders«) separate conditions apply. Please contact the publisher: | phone +49 (0)6592 2028050. Non-Books and games are shipped free of charge within Germany if the net order value exceeds € 225,-. International shipping is charged separately at fair rates.

Delivery is handled by Westermann Logistik Germany (formerly VSB-Verlagsservice Braunschweig, a company of the Westermann Group).

The publishing house Kraterleuchten GmbH with its imprints Calderan, Regionalia Verlag, Eifelbildverlag, legenda Q and Edition Bildperlen is a member of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, 14643.


Westermann Logistics
Georg-Westermann-Allee 66 | 38104 Braunschweig | Germany |  phone | +49 (0)531 7088560 | fax +49 (0)531 708608 |

wholesale / cash assortments / catalogs (non-books only partially)

Our wholesale specialist for games: Alles für den Helden

Books and games (non-books only partially) are available from Zeitfracht (KNV), Libri, Umbreit and the AVA Barsortiment.