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a solarpunk game by Mike, ode. and Uwe Rosenberg

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Planta Nubo – the solarpunk game

Planta Nubo is an expert game for 1–4 players, settled in the solarpunk world Overgrown. In a hopeful future mankind create cloudgardens on the top of gigantic trees. There they harvest oxygen to clean the atmosphere from the dust caused by a great disaster in the past.

In Planta Nubo all players create their own gardens in the sky, settled on the top of a gigantic tree each, called Arbor. In their gardens they place bed-tiles, designed as Polyominos, and grow new types of flowers. Players deliver these flowers with the help of beelike airships then and fulfill contracts to gain green energy. Green energy helps them to power the energy tracks around their gardens. In this way they can activate modules and other extensions connected to their energy track, which then again helps them to do all the garden work. In the end players want to grow cloudforests on the upper level of their gardens, which produce the vital oxygen and win them the game. To do all these things players take actions with the help of a innovative workerplace-mechanism. The also make use of their giant gardenbots and invite guests to their gardens to bring with them their valuable crafting abilities.

Three well-known designers, Mike Keller, Uwe Rosenberg und ode., worked together to create a game with a bunch of clever mechanisms and a fresh theme. The breathtaking artwork of Lukas Siegmon brings the solarpunk world of Planta Nubo alive.

»Planta Nubo« is inspired by esperanto and means »Plants in the clouds«. Planta Nubo is a game of the Game Builders, distributed in germany by Calderan®. For the first time you can purchase Planta Nubo at SPIEL ’23 in Essen for a special price of 65 EUR.

All those who pre-order now will receive Planta Nubo at the price of only 63 EUR!

Pre-order now at a special price and pick up at SPIEL ’23 in Essen at booth 4H101! Unfortunately, shipping can only take place within Germany.